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What is mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is a broad engineering field that uses the application of all principles of material science and physics for design, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is a category of engineering that involves the production and use of heat and mechanical power for designing, producing and operating machines and tools. It is one of the broadest and oldest engineering sub-disciplines.

Mechanical engineering puts together wide range of scientific aspects such as mechanics, fluid mechanics, kinematics, energy and pneumatics.  Generally, it involves a wide involvement with mathematical calculations and formulations, as most projects involving mechanical engineering have their roots deeply embedded in mathematics.
Mechanical engineering involved the design of all types of mechanical tools from manufacturing equipment to construction of weapons and robots. In spite of the fact that mechanical engineering is one of the oldest disciplines, new methods and materials are still being researched to enhance the profession. One of the most interesting areas of mechanical engineering is nanotechnology which tries to use microscopic particles to carry out practical tasks. Another interesting area is mechatronics which combines mechanical engineering with electrical and software engineering into one solid discipline.

Building and Engineering schools all over the world offer degrees in a mechanical engineering at Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD levels. Coursework usually involves intensive studies in statics, thermodynamics, dynamics, instrumentation, drafting and many other studies in science and design. Students pursuing careers in mechanical engineering are usually required to complete numerous engineering projects during their stay at college.

Today, mechanical engineering involves the use of different tools to complete designs. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs and Computer-aided engineering (CAE) programs make engineering processes easy to design and allows for easier testing of new engineering ideas resulting saving of time and efforts. Introduction of computer systems in mechanical engineering has greatly reduced the cost of designing for many engineers and engineering companies which has allowed engineering works to be completed much more easily and effectively. Learning and using CAE programs is now a central part of mechanical engineering as a field.

In a nutshell, mechanical engineering is not a single well-defined field. It is a collection of various fields that are combined together to allow as many different tools to solve engineering problems as possible. Disciplines such as kinematics, mechanics and drafting are very important parts of mechanical engineering. Kinematics focuses on the movement of bodies and systems while ignoring the effects of the movement. Mechanics is the study of forces and their effects on matter while drafting is a specialized field focusing on the creation of instructions for the manufacture of parts.

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